You don’t have to be alone in this fight!

No matter what your tax issue may be, we understand and we can help.  We are Minnesota’s expert tax lawyers and IRS problem solvers. Tony Dennison is one of the few attorneys in the Twin Cities who has two law degrees: the standard degree every attorney has and a second law degree, a tax law degree known as a Masters of the Laws of Taxation. We see the mistakes standard attorneys and CPA’s make everyday. Get it done right the first time and call us.  We stay with you until the end.

Before you call an 800 number for help with your tax issue, come meet with us for a strategy consultation.  We’ll review your case and go over your options.  At the very least, we will help you find out where you stand with the IRS or state government. Call us today at (612)205-8201 or email us to set up an appointment.

Dennison Tax Law is a tax defense firm. We are skilled Tax Attorneys who can help you with tax liens, tax levies, tax debt, sales tax, IRS debt, tax fraud, tax evasion, wage levies, wage garnishments, 940 and 941 employment tax, audits or any other tax related issue you or your business may have.  Tony knows how you feel; the IRS came after his family when he was a child and he has dedicated his life to defending people in your situation.


Some Excerpts From “What Clients Say About Tony Dennison”

J.A.: “You have gone so far above anything I expected or hoped for and I feel really blessed to have “picked you out of the phone book.”

Jill A. “You are a rock star. Thank you for your valiant efforts. I would like to support/recommend you to the fullest extent of my capability going forward. Thanks again, this is just extraordinary.”

Nicole E.  ” I got the paperwork over the weekend and cried! *** Thank you for being my “champion” on this issue. It is a huge weight lifted that I have carried for over four years now. ***  Actually, a few weeks ago, the mailman that drops off mail at my office noticed I was sending an envelope to you and said to me that his son was a client of yours in the past and that he heard nothing but great things about your law firm. So, word does travel!!!!”

Dave C. “There is not enough of a compliment for you. You were great and I thank you.”

Mr. B. “Tony, all I can say is, I’m so glad I found you.”

L.R. “Hitting bottom makes you lose your hope. Then you find a man like Tony Dennison whom has been there and done that, “survived” and can describe the struggles others have in a way that is incredibly brief yet incredibly powerful. You have an amazing skill.”

Don’t delay, contact us so that we may assist you with your tax problem.

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A real Tax Attorney has Two Law Degrees, a Juris Doctor and a Masters of the Laws in Taxation